My Work

  • The Art of Performance

    Accolades, Summer 2017
    For this instructor, all the world’s a stage.

  • Harnessing Innovation

    Accolades, Summer 2017
    Five-year-old Lily has never walked—until now.

  • Miles to Go

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving
    From Mississippi to Boston for life-saving care

  • Rally Round

    Harvard Medicine, Summer 2017
    What can be done to bolster the dwindling number of rural physicians?

  • Could fecal transplants heal IBD?

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Vector

  • The Fix

    Carilion Medicine, Spring 2017
    A team approach helps lead the charge against the opioid epidemic.

  • Expert’s Corner: Epilepsy

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Notes
    Four ways epilepsy care is changing

  • Paying It Forward

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving
    Care for son’s craniosynostosis spurs mom to run marathon

  • Step By Step

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving
    Sloane’s incredible journey with laryngeal cleft

  • Trusting Their Instincts

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving
    Family finds help for laryngeal cleft

  • Superhero Joey

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving Five-year-old fights moyamoya disease

  • Fighting for Kennedy

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving
    Coping with moyamoya disease

  • A Second Chance

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving
    Second opinion for midaortic syndrome gives Cameron a second chance

  • Five things you might not know about epilepsy

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving Some surprising facts about this condition

  • On The Move

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving
    Lilith’s dramatic recovery from arteriovenous fistula

  • Worth Every Mile

    Boston Children’s Hospital: Thriving
    Short bowel syndrome brings family to Boston

  • In Due Time

    Carilion Medicine, Fall 2016
    Carilion forged an enduring partnership with local schools to help reduce the state’s highest teen pregnancy rate and keep futures bright.

  • In the Octagon

    Accolades Magazine, Spring 2016 Dr. Jay Itzkowitz helps keep MMA athletes in fighting shape.

  • Bringing Coursework to Life

    Accolades Magazine, Spring 2016
    3D printing makes OT solutions reality

  • Team Players

    Accolades Magazine, Spring 2016
    Physical therapy students keep the ball rolling at this nonprofit

  • Going Places

    HMS Center for Primary Care, April 2016

    Students Gather to Celebrate an Education in Primary Care

  • Shaping the Future

    Carilion Medicine, Winter 2016
    A cardiac research finding may aid women recovering from breast reconstructive surgery.

  • Full Circle

    Spotlight on Walden, January 2016

    Hula hoops help nurses achieve better self-care

  • Changing Minds

    Spotlight on Walden, December 2015 Giving back to the deaf community

  • Mastering Crisis Management

    Spotlight on Walden, November 2015
    Lessons from emergency nursing can help all of us quell tense situations

  • Hitting Home

    Spotlight on Walden, September 2015

    For Crystal Johnson ’14, last year’s Ebola crisis affirmed her love of nursing.

  • On a High Note

    SFUAD Alumni Newsletter, October 2015

    The drummer for popular indie band Beirut sets the pace for success.

  • A New Frontier in Tissue Regeneration

    UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, September 2015

  • Island Time

    Accolades Magazine, Fall 2015
    Working as a physical therapist in Guam proves both challenging and rewarding.

  • Wanted: Volunteers

    Accolades Magazine, Fall 2015 Dr. Erica Kiernan shares the surprising benefits of international volunteer trips.

  • Rethinking End-of-Life Care

    Radcliffe Magazine, Summer 2014

    Radcliffe fellow Bill Pirl wants oncologists to discuss dying with their patients.

  • Making Sense of the MMI Interview

    UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, September 2015

  • Ahead of Time: Coping with Premature Birth

    UPMC: Inside Life-Changing Medicine, November 2013

  • Family Matters

    Harvard Medicine, Winter 2013

    For family medicine practitioners, it’s the relationships that make the difference

  • Wishing for a White Coat

    HMS News, August 31, 2012

    Being an HMS student was a dream for a teen with a rare congenital heart disorder

  • Whole Notes

    Harvard Medicine, Autumn 2012

    Does healing make a sound? Just listen to the Longwood Symphony Orchestra

  • MIT Spouses & Partners Celebrates 40 Years

    MIT Medical, January 24, 2013

  • Boston’s Hip Nightlife

    Travel Channel website

    Think Boston’s nightlife is as puritanical as its history? Think again. Although the city does shut down relatively early, it still has plenty to offer visitors.

  • Getting Around Boston

    Travel Channel website

    Take advantage of the city’s extensive public transportation system to navigate the Hub like a native Bostonian — accent and Red Sox hat optional.

  • System Slowdown

    Body + Soul Magazine
    May 2008

    Often undiagnosed, thyroid problems can harm your health. Try these natural solutions.

  • Healthy, Head to Toe

    Body + Soul Magazine
    September 2008

    Aging may be inevitable, but disease doesn’t have to be.

  • Overcoming Barriers to Care

    Mass General Hospital
    Website homepage

    Massachusetts General Hospital develops model diabetes program to help close the gap in care.

  • New Hope for MS

    Natural Solutions magazine
    January/February 2010

    Get your life back with these alternative therapies.

  • Second Sight

    Harvard Medicine
    Spring 2010

    Remarkable research suggests some blind people can “see”.

  • Saving Face

    Harvard Medicine
    Spring 2010

    Infants may be more skilled than adults at facial recognition.

  • How to Talk to Your Doctor about OA, 2010

  • Whodunit?

    The Boston Globe Magazine
    October 31, 2010

    Family members’ DNA may lead investigators to the answers, but it brings up some troubling questions.

  • Designer Genes

    Harvard Medicine
    Autumn 2010

    The Personal Genome Project aims to prevent and cure disease with a little help from 100,000 volunteers.

  • How to Build a Better Health Care Delivery Model

    Harvard Medicine, Spring 2011

  • Turning the Tide

    Better Homes and Gardens
    August 2011

    For years the American diet has been more turf than surf, partly due to concerns about safety.

  • The Contagion of Happiness

    Harvard Medicine
    Summer 2011

    Harvard researchers are discovering how we can all get happy.

  • Wired for Health

    The Costco Connection
    December 2011

    Electronic health records promise benefits for patients and doctors alike.

  • Plate Shifts

    Harvard Medicine
    Winter 2012

    When choosing what to eat, it’s best to go green.

  • Medical Toque

    Harvard Medicine
    Winter 2012

    When white coats do double duty, prescriptions can be tasty.

  • Plight of the Living Dead

    Harvard Medicine
    Summer 2011

    What can science fiction teach us about science fact?

  • Making Friends with His Past

    Boston Globe Magazine
    April 4, 2010

    I’ve discovered the perks of socializing with my boyfriend’s exes.

  • The Past is Present

    Boston Globe Magazine
    January 25, 2009

    Reestablishing ties with your exes online can mean flirtation, fun and (sometimes) friction.

  • I’m Coming Out

    Boston Globe Magazine
    October 18, 2009

    It became a test of sorts: How would boyfriends react to my dad being gay?

  • Keeping Up Appearances

    Boston Globe Magazine
    June 15, 2008

    My home looked beautiful, but what about the state of my marriage?

  • Dr. Andrew Weil’s Guide to Healthy Eating

    MSLO, 2009

  • The Green Guide: The Complete Reference for Consuming Wisely

    Random House, 2008
    Contributed three chapters

  • Only a Girlfriend

    Boston Globe Magazine
    June 13, 2010

    Does the lack of a marriage certificate really make my relationship inferior?

  • A Case for Nice

    Body + Soul Magazine, August 2009

    It’s not just about holding doors or shaking hands. It’s about giving of yourself—and coming out on top.

  • One Rehearsal, Five Ways

    Boston Weddings, Fall/Winter 2008

    Go-cart racing, dance lessons, flip-flops? Today’s rehearsal dinners are about more than just food and drink.

  • Integrative Gastroenterology

    (Oxford University Press, 2010)

  • Ask Me About My Divorce

    Seal Press, 2009
    Contributed an essay